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GeM Consultancy Services

  • GeM RegistrationGeM
  • Catalogue CreationCatalogue
  • Vendor Assessment & OEM panelVendor
    Assessment &
    OEM panel
  • Bidding AdvisoryBidding
  • Technical AssistanceTechnical
  • Bid Notification on Email & WhatsappBid Notification
    on Email &
  • Preparation of Bid DocumentsPreparation of
    Bid Documents
  • 40K+ Live opportunities
  • 30Lac+ Products
  • 40K+ Services
  • 65K+Buyers

Why choose Tender247

  • Wide coverage: Tender247 provides comprehensive coverage of GeM tenders from various government departments and organizations, helping you to identify opportunities that are relevant to your business.
  • Real-time updates: Tender247 offers real-time updates on GeM tender opportunities, enabling you to stay up-to-date with the latest bids as they are released.
  • Expert guidance: GeM bidding consultancy services can provide expert guidance on the GeM procurement process, including how to identify relevant tenders, prepare and submit bids, and navigate the bidding process. Know more about Tender Guide
  • Customized strategies: A GeM bidding consultancy service can help businesses to develop customized bidding strategies based on their specific needs, requirements, and capabilities.
  • Customized search: Tender247 allows you to customize your search for GeM tenders based on your specific business requirements, saving you time and effort in identifying relevant opportunities
  • Competitive advantage: By subscribing to Tender247 for GeM bid opportunities, you can gain a competitive advantage by identifying and bidding on tenders that may not be widely known or accessible to your competitors

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Why is offering a minimum discount on MRP mandatory for sellers to get their products listed on GeM?

GeM mandates a minimum discount on MRP during product listing to ensure better price reasonability across all categories. Therefore, sellers are required to offer a minimum discount on their products.
Startup Runway is a section on GeM that provides an opportunity for agile and lean startups to reach out to government buyers by offering unique products and services in terms of concept, design, process, and functionality.
Caution Money is a provision introduced to bring discipline among sellers. All sellers on GeM are required to deposit a fixed amount with GeM as a caution deposit.
A seller can create representation for a particular bid only once, using a single drop-down option or from all available drop-down options.
If Tax Validation fails on GeM, it is attributed to a mismatch in data provided to GeM and that present in the seller's ITR. Cases differ based on the constitution type and ITR type. For example, for ITR6, ITR5, ITR4s, and ITR3, the "Profit and Gain" and "Sale/Gross Receipts of Business" sections need to match with the ITR.
To upload products on GeM, a seller needs to follow these steps: login > click on the catalog > click on Products> click on "Add New" > enter search category > enter the category/product name in the search bar and select from the drop-down > enter general information > enter catalog information > offer quantity and price > enter product specifications > upload images > click Save/Proceed > review Terms and Conditions > Click PUBLISH.
To participate in a bid on GeM, the seller should have the offering in the required category, and the offered product should comply with the allowed values of Golden Parameters mentioned in the bid document.
If demanded by the buyer, a seller needs to upload their Experience Certificate with the Government, Turnover Certificate, MSE Registration Certificate, Certificates as per Additional Terms & Conditions, and OEM Authorization Certificate.
The pre-requisites for primary seller/service provider registration on GeM are:
  • 1. Constitution Type such as Proprietorship, Firm, Company, Trust or Society, and Central Government/State Government.
  • 2. Constitution Name.
  • 3. Aadhaar Number or Personal PAN of the user (Authorized signatory of ITR)
  • 4. For Aadhaar-based registrations, the mobile number linked with Aadhaar is required.
  • 5. Documents such as CIN, PAN, DIPP, UAM, ITR details as per the constitution of the organization may be required for seller registration.
  • 6. Address of the organization.
  • 7. Bank account details of the organization.
  • 8. Active email ID.
Vendor Assessment is a facility, mandatory for OEMs with certain exemptions. The Vendor Assessment Policy covers three distinct aspects of vendors that are captured and validated. These include the vendor's profile-related information, the business entity's profile with respect to the supplying capacity and past experiences (applicable only for OEMs), and the vendor's performance on GeM portal.
E-Procurement System is a process of procuring items electronically using
No. Class-3 Digital Signature Certificate is compulsory for all the vendors to participate in the etendering system not for registration.

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